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Southern Mountain Rifle

Southern Rife Southern Rife Southern Rife
Southern Rife
Southern Rife
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Our southern mountain rifle is based on the southern rifles that were produced in the mountains of North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. This particular rifle is a 40 caliber and has a Getz 44 inch swamped barrel fastened to the stock with four keys. The tang is pointed as are the lock and off side panels. It has two upper thimbles, no entry pipe or nose cap. The diamond shaped butt plate, delicate trigger guard, pointed toe plate and all the iron furnishings are richly browned. The lock is a Jim Chambers Late Ketland with a roller frizzen spring. The Davis set triggers are properly adjusted to fire set or unset. The stock is private grade curly maple with a hand rubbed linseed finish. Normally this style of rifle had a round hole drilled where the patch box would be.

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