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Bucks County Rifle

Bucks Rife Bucks Rife Bucks Rife
Bucks Rife Bucks Rife Bucks Rife
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Bucks County Rifles are very classic in form and easily identified with graceful curves of the butt stock, side opening patch boxes, rear ramrod pipe extensions, toe plates, and an eight point star inlay in the cheek rest. Some early forms of Bucks County Rifles could be easily mistaken as Lehigh Valley Pieces. These Rifles were built post 1775. There were three principal makers of this School. Andrew Verner, John Shuler, and George Weiker. All three Gunsmiths left Bucks County by the year 1802. There are however know examples of this School well into the late flint period but their makers are unknown. This rifle was inspired by the work of John Shuler. It features a Getz 44" .50cal swamped barrel, hand tuned Siler lock, handmade inlays of pure silver, handmade patch box, side plate, ramrod pipes and trigger. Extra fancy Curly Maple and a hand rubbed oil finish. This gun was finished as new per the Customers request.

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