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East Tennesse Bean Rifle

Bean Rife Bean Rife Bean Rife
Bean Rife Bean Rife Bean Rife
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This gun made by Rich Dillon features a Getz .40cal 46" swamped barrel, Hand forged trigger guard, Handmade triggers, nose cap, thimbles, side plate, toe plate, patchbox and springs. Modified Chambers Ketland Lock. Antiqued to a "rough" brown finish and rubbed back to show some age, and a hand rubbed oil finish on the stock. The East Tennesse Bean Rifle is a very distinct "School". Early details of this rifle are sketchy - in fact so are a lot of the later details. Jerry Noble has four volumes on Southern Rifles and he has noted several of these facts. It is thought that the Beans are descended from the McBain Family. The Bean family of gunsmithing can be traced back to the 1740's, that would have been William Bean who was born in Virginia in 1721. He moved to Tennessee in the late 1760's. There were 5 generations of "Bean" gunsmiths in the family, Charles Bean, Baxter Bean, Joseph Bean just to name a few, and were making rifles over a long span of time, but this style of rifle was developed in East Tennessee in the early to mid 1800's and is their best know "classic" Bean rifle style. In the book Kentucky Rifles and Pistols 1750-1850, there are even photos of a nice Bean pistol that shares a lot of the typical Bean rifle traits, signed "B. Bean".

This Rifle won 3 ribbons at Dixon's Gunmakers Fair. 1st place for Craftmenship, 2nd place for best patchbox, and Best of Class Journeyman Traditional.

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