Dillons' Flintlocks


How We Started

Ed & Rich, Owners

It all started in the early '70s. Having had a long interest in old guns and black powder Ed built his first gun. Having a growing family and just out of the military money was at a premium. A friend suggested that they join the North South Skirmish Association but Ed needed a Civil War gun. After assembling all the necessary original parts, a piece of walnut, and a reproduction barrel Ed built an 1863 Springfield Musket. Ed skirmished for several years. After winning first place in both musket and pistol at the NSSA Spring Nationals in 1979 Ed turned to his true love flintlocks. Again not having the money to buy one it only seemed logical that one would have to be built.

He was only going to build one, so he assembled the finest materials money could buy. Ed took engraving lessons from Greg Dixon of Dixon's Muzzle loading and was constantly asking Greg's dad Chuck questions. Ed assembled all the books he could get his hands on. Went to museums to study all the originals to be found. To make a long story short, Ed built a beautiful Lancaster County rifle engraved, carved, and fashioned after a Dickert rifle. After making such a fine rifle, it seemed that it was too nice a rifle to be dragging around the woods, so he built himself a “Schimmel”. Later in 1979, he decide to build a boys rifle for his son. As a matter of fact at, 11 pm on that Christmas Eve he was engraving Merry Christmas on his sons gun.

In 1980, the Long Rifle Shop was opened in Perkasie, Pa. Ed continued building and merged with a local fly shop. Flys and Flintlocks was then born. Ed continued to build flinters and he and his partner added an Orvis dealership to the store. Somewhere around 1986, due to increased duties of both men's full time job, the business was sold.

Ed got back into the shooting game in the late 1990s and took up 1000 yard bench rest shooting at the Original Pennsylvania 1000 yard Bench Rest Club. After winning a World Open and two First place aggregates this was no longer a challenge to him thus the phrase "anyone can sit down and shoot," so he went back to what he always loved, BLACK POWDER!

After retiring Ed got his, now grown, son Rich interested in building flintlocks and Dillons' Flintlocks came to fruition. Ed has furthered his studies of engraving by spending a week with master engraver Michael Dubber. Mike is the president of the American Firearms Engravers Guild. Mike also was commissioned to engrave Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf's retirement Colt 1911.

Ed's son Rich Dillon was introduced to flintlocks at the early age of 8 years old. Loading the gun was a real chore since the muzzle was as high as his head! After many years of shooting and being a young fellow in a modern world he soon disliked the sport of flintlocks and turned to modern rifles. Thru guidance and wisdom of his father, at the age of 32 years old he had won many 1000 yard bench rest matches and 2 world opens, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Original Pennsylvania 1000 yard Bench Rest Club. After loosing interest in the Modern shooting sport he soon turned to his fathers roots of BLACK POWDER! Under the apprenticeship of his father Rich himself has become an established builder of fine long rifles and has found his true love.

Dillons' Flintlocks was formally established in the winter of 2004. Rich's rifles have won several ribbons at Dixons' Gun Makers Fair in Kempton, Pa. including Best of Show 2011. We are a rapidly growing business with many satisfied customers. Ed has retired from the business and has turned it over to his son Rich. Ed still makes an occasional gun from time to time.

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