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Welcome to Rich Dillons' Flintlocks!

Dillons' Flintlocks

We have partnered with todays' leading manufacturers so that we can produce the highest quality rifles available.


The locks are from Jim Chambers, R. E. Davis, or L&R Lock Co. depending on the school of rifle.


Wood is hand-picked from various sources including but not limited to Dunlap Woodcraft.


We use the finest available barrels from Getz, Rice, Hoyt, Colrain, and Green Mountain.

Our Process

After discussing your specifications as to the style of School, your dimensions, and options, we hand select a wood blank that is then precision inlet for the barrel and ramrod of your choice by Mark Weider of Jack's Mt. Stock Co. All parts are then hand inlet with no modern machines using the same time proven methods the Master Gunsmiths of the past used with chisels, files and scrapers. After the inleting, shaping, and carving, we apply our own homemade stain along with acid to give you rifle the most authentic finish available. The final stage is a 6 step finishing process of the stock ending in a hand rubbed oil-varnish finish. Only one coat of finish is applied per day until the desired luster is obtained. The iron parts are browned to a rich deep color. The furniture is then filed, burnished, polished, and engraved. All Rifles and Fusils have the feel of the original long rifle it was crafted after and is as accurate as possible with hand lapping of barrels, and precise touch hole alignment.

The completed rifle is then carefully packaged in a foam-padded carton and shipped to you, our valuable customer.

We are Full Time Rifle Makers!

Most Schools are available,
Custom made to YOUR Specifications!

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